- Chuncheon citizen park masterplan
- Nonhyeon-dong House
- Pyeongchang-dong house
- Myeongnyun-dong House
- Bongjae-ri House
- Sinsa 5611, Seoul
- A Single Family House In Pankyo
- Pre-cast Con'c Building Prototype Design
- Flying House - Vogue Korea
- Toilet House
- San Isdro Competition Entry

Commercial / Office

- Suraksan Dongmakgol Natural Recreation Forest
- Bulamsan Woodcraft Workshop
- Gimpo-si Daegotmyeon Yakam-ri 1323 Hotel
- Small Lodging Competition
- Common Ground Extension
- Yangjae-dong 98-6 Remodeling
- Yeoksam-dong Neighborhood Facility
- Busan-si Student Hotel
- Cheongok-dong Mall
- SBTM Office Interior
- Competition for Asan-si Mall
- Conceptual Design of Jangchung-dong Office Building
- Naum Childhood Cancer Center
- Jangwi-2-dong Community Center
- Sangam Commercial Building
- Competition For Atopic Healing Center
- SEND Factory
- International Master Plan Competition for Public Administration Town
- A Embassy interior

Culture / Assembly

- Yangju Children's Cultural Center Competition
- Chuncheon citizen park masterplan
- Suwon Children's Library(Twin Wave)
- Schematic Design Service for Construction work National Memorial of Korean Provisional Govrnment
- International Competition for Yisabu Dokdo Memorial Park
- Aewol-eup Church Stay
- Gongju-si Public Safety Education Center
- Save the Children's Rural Children Support Project - Wanju-gun Singibangi Playground
- Save the Children's Rural Children Support Project - Euisung-gun Angye Children Care Center
- Save the Children's Rural Children Support Project - Wanju-gun Nolja Children Care Center
- Save the Children's Rural Children Support Project - Youngwol-gun Jomulrak Playground
- Save the Children's Rural Children Support Project - Youngwol-gun Children Care Center
- Save the Children's Rural Children Support Project - Euisung-gun After-school Playground
- Studio H
- Jeju Chang-am Rehabilitation Facility - Creating Happy Space with Culture
- Upper City - AVIC Hefei Cultural and Creative Industry Park
- Dooly Museum
- 2012 Yeosu Expo Posco Pavilion
- Yongin Suji Complex Culture Center
- Pyeongchang Myoenon Primary School Library
- International Competition For Silo Recycling - With Kworks
- Competition For The National Museum Of Korea Contemporary History
- An Iinternational Competition for 2012 Yeosu Exposition Thematic Pavilion
- Pavillion For Urban Expo - Proposal
- Boryoung Fire Plant Exhibition Space - With Design Aworks
- A Club


- Inje Wontong Elementary School Playground
- Gwangju Manseon Elementary School Playground
- Gongju Jungdong Elementary School Playground
- Pohang Children's Park
- Seongju Children's Park
- Jeju Tosan Elementary School Playground
- Ulju-gun Upcycling Children's playground
- Daejeon Daeyang Elementary School Playground
- Deajeon Seonhwa Elementary School Playground
- Jeonju Children's park
- C-Program 'Playing Environmental Improvement Project'
- Save the Children 'Bibong-myeon Singibangi Water Playground'
-Outdoor Stage in Paju Book City
- International Competition for Rehabiliting Mapo Oil Depot into a Cultureal Depot Park
- Siheung Career Library
- Mapo-gu Office Public Library
- Public Library in Mapo-gu District office
- Paju Book City Public Toilet
- Yongsan Park Idea Competition
- Smart Farm
- An International Sculpture Competition For Perth's Premier Civic Space
- Namsan Cable Car Station Renovation
- Public Facilities Design Competition For Deagu Metropolitan
- Public Facilities Design Competition for Seoul Metropolitan

Exhibition / Study

- Soda Art Gallery <놀세권:PLAYNET>
- Out of the Box: Construction of Materials, Materials of Construction - Simply Complex
- 'Minimal House' - 53427 lighting ver.1.0
- 'Minimal House' - Bongjae-ri House
- Seoul Architecture Festival 2012
- Model on The Shelf - Recycle of Desire
- Made of Drawings II
- Map of official Land Value - Bag Design - commissioned by Engrave
- Bottle House
- Made of Drawings I
- Rhombic Dodecahedra Structure Study
- Show Space
- Next Shading 1.0
- Demand vs Geometry - with Alexandros Vazakas

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